Serving authentic yakitori as an izakaya at Kyobashi Station

One of the recommended items is Omasakura, a brand chicken from Kagoshima prefecture.

At the izakaya and charcoal grilled chicken Marbo at Kyobashi station, you can enjoy authentic, cheap, authentic charcoal grilled chicken, and among them the original brand chicken from the Kagoshima prefecture, the Satsuma Gokusen `` Oma Sakura. '' The sashimi platter using "is popular with customers. It is a gem that luxuriously uses Omasakura, which has the characteristics of size, thickness, elasticity, and elasticity due to long-term original fattening.
In addition, the calm interior is barrier-free and you are welcome to enter with a wheelchair or stroller. We have seats for various scenes such as counters, tables, digging trays, and tatami mats, so please come visit us from one person to a group.


The menu that uses the Satsuma polar chicken "Oma Sakura" is popular

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Please come to taste authentic charcoal grilled chicken


Store name

Charcoal grilled chicken mabo

Street address

Matsushita Mansion 1F, 4-4-1 Higashinodacho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

phone number
business hours

17:00 〜 28:00


矢杦 雅映




If you're looking for a popular izakaya near Kyobashi Station, come and enjoy yakitori in a convenient location just a short walk from the station. Popular yakitori is a juicy dish carefully grilled over charcoal. You can also enjoy carefully selected Japanese black beef skewers and branded chicken and Oma Sakura. As a popular restaurant that can be enjoyed with sake that goes well with food, we will welcome you to please our customers.

About us

We run a delicious yakitori pub at Kyobashi station

We run an izakaya at Kyobashi Station and deliver original brand chicken

As a popular yakitori restaurant, you can enjoy authentic charcoal-grilled chicken carefully cooked over charcoal for a reasonable price. In addition to the recommended “peach” and “seser”, the abundant menus such as “tsukune” and “chicken fillet” that are popular with women are all reasonably priced and delicious. Enjoy yakitori with a secret sauce or salt that has been added for 10 years. The original brand chicken, the Satsuma polar chicken from Kagoshima Prefecture, "Oma Sakura," which is a specialty of the store, is characterized by its long-term original fattening of meat size, thickness, elasticity and elasticity. The "2 kinds of local chicken sashimi" and "chicken yukke" are two dishes you should definitely try.
The store is accessible not only to friends and colleagues, but also to families with small children. The interior of the store is wheelchair-accessible and strollers are barrier-free. Inside the Japanese-style store, which is based on wood grain, it is possible to book a medium-sized banquet for 20 people or up to 45 people if you make a reservation in advance. The all-you-can-drink menu is abundant, so you can use it for various occasions such as banquets, reunions, and launches at work.

It is popular with families as a cozy izakaya at Kyobashi Station

The bright interior illuminated by warm lighting creates a cozy atmosphere where not only friends but also female friends can enter. The Japanese space based on the particular grain of wood can be used in various situations. At the counter seat facing the kitchen, you can enjoy your meal while watching the staff cook in front of you, and at the counter seats of all 8 seats, it is convenient for casual use such as drinking alone and friends. Since you can order from one skewer, it is also convenient for a small drink after returning to work. A table for 4 people can enjoy a lively meal and can be connected according to the number of people, so it is also convenient for medium-sized banquets for about 20 people.
In the store, there are two tatami mat seats for 6 people. Showa retro posters are affixed to the wall, so you can enjoy your meal in a nostalgic and calm space. There is a toy corner in the seat, so small children can use it, so it can be used for families. The staff are on good terms, so please feel free to contact us if you have any problems.